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2020 Thus Far

After While We Are Young closed at The Painted Bride in December, Terran transitioned back to New York and (finally!) was able to settle into her apartment. She picked up two side jobs and dove into New York theater!

In January, Terran spent a week in the ensemble at Musical Theatre Factor workshopping Wonder Boy, a new musical by Jacob Jarrett. The workshop culminated in two days of showings. Information about the show and artists involved can be found here.

In February, Terran performed in This is About my Mother: A Cumming of Age Play, by Cami Pileggi, which made its New York premiere in New York Theatre Winterfest.

After the craziness of working two jobs on top of two artistic projects, Terran spent the next month creating, auditioning, working, and going to Trader Joe's.

Now, Terran is taking a break from New York amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 by spending time in her hometown of Webster, NY with family, two dogs, and her cat Lil' Bit. Stay safe out there!

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