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Since before Thanksgiving, Terran has been in residency at The Painted Bride Art Center with a group of collaborators and friends, The Makers' Ensemble, devising and developing their new musical While We are Young as a part of a larger festival of new works at the Painted Bride called the Solstice Series.

While We are Young is a musical about youth. It's a musical about love. It's a musical about love and it's multiple relationships to relationships. Long days. Smoke breaks. Late nights. Youngsters working jobs nobody feels like working. Too many drinks after work. Too many hits out back. Too many broken promises in the morning. First Impressions. First loves. First time seeing your life flash before your eyes. Do we ever get a step ahead? Will we ever stop crying? Will we ever stop laughing? When are we going to start living, like for real, for real? Why not, while we are young?

The show will be presented on December 18th at 7pm at the Painted Bride Art Center at 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia PA. Tickets can be purchased here!

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More about the Solstice Series:

"This December, over 100 artists are taking over the Painted Bride Art Center at 230 Vine Street to create and present new work. This new works festival is called the Solstice Series.  This groundbreaking series focuses on the process of creation and showcases the emerging voices of young student artists and recent graduates sharing their voluminous voices, risk-taking ideas, and unbound creativity relevant to the world today. From intimate solo performances to massive scale immersive experiences, the Solstice Series has something for everyone!"

More about the Makers' Ensemble:

The Makers’ Ensemble is an evolving grassroots ensemble of emerging artists showcasing new, original, and classical works of theater, and focused on telling stories that create bridges between the art and the audience and ignite engaging conversations among intersectional communities. This nomadic ensemble was intentionally formed by artists of various backgrounds, predominantly people of color. From previous undergraduate collaborators to newly-formed partnerships, this group was selected based on the principle of creating a space that is both radical in performance and radical in artistic practice.

Follow us on instagram! @themakersensemble

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